What is a life settlement?

A life settlement is the sale of all or part of an existing life insurance policy. Perhaps the policy is no longer needed or affordable. Instead of letting it lapse or surrender to the insurance carrier, a life settlement transaction via Boyd Settlements may be a better option.

Why choose Boyd Settlements?

Boyd Settlements is a boutique, creative and accessible settlement brokerage. The decision to sell your life insurance policy can be a very emotional decision. We understand that. Each case is unique. The transactions take time, can be complicated, and we are there to take you through a transaction, each and every step. We pride ourselves in personal attention, the desire to understand your needs and our ability to generate good offers for you.

Whatever you do, if you are thinking about letting your life insurance lapse or cashing it in, please call us first at 1.727.365.0076. We may be able to provide you a better solution.

Example (for educational purposes only): Mr. Smith (age 79) owns a $500,000 Universal life insurance policy. Premiums are $12,000 per year which he can no longer afford.

The cash surrender value is $5000 (this is the amount the insurance carrier would give him if he was to surrender the policy).

After contacting Boyd Settlements, his policy sold for $65,000.  $60,000 more than the surrender value.

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